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Humanitarian Aid – on every level of society

From the foundations of society up to national legislation reforms, the EU-ISA works a multi-vectored approach on a multitude of levels.

The basic idea: Organizing direct aid won’t change legislation, nor will it trigger reforms. Influencing politics and initiating reforms won’t help those in dire need of support right now. And informing the public about a crisis won’t do anything without presenting the opportunity of guided direct action.

To really help – in every sense of the word – an organization needs to do all of the above, at the right time, at the right place. But executing that kind of workload requires strong and capable partners, well versed in logistics, public and business administration, politics, diplomacy, legal advocacy.

We’ve worked tirelessly to establish a network of partners being able to sustain on such a level, and even outperform. And we succeeded.

From a basic networking platform to a serious, highly professional charity under the auspices of ambassadors and high ranking officials, the EU-ISA alone probably won’t change the world – but it will accomplish a lot.

Help us reaching our goals – a better tomorrow for all of us.

We help Children


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    You can participate in current projects with just a few clicks! Money is needed at all times for: – Purchase of children’s clothing for kids up to 14 years – Purchase of hygienic items for kids – Acquisition of packaging material (logistics) – Logistic costs




    Each and every project has a specific goal – we do not have any anonymous or general purpose projects. Every donation has its predefined purpose. The EU-ISA handles everything – from the project idea to the actual delivery and distribution to the needy, in order to guarantee that donations are given only to those who need them – not for the profit of everyone else.




    Of course the whole process of every project is being meticulously documented and published on our website. And we’ve always got time for you and your concerns; just come visit us, and we’ll present you with all the documentation on our projects.




    Our current focus rests on charitable projects for children in the Ukraine – primarily war orphans who have lost everything in the conflict.


  • A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, so we would like to show you the totals of all the collected and distributed donations.  We’re currently  looking at the following donations:


    • 4.505 kilograms of children’s clothing
    • 18.5 cubic meters of toys, hygiene items and other donations
    • Over 20,000 km total distance took the transport from our office to the children’s homes
    • 276 people have donated after a call on Facebook
    • The donations have been marked with over 5.000 stickers with quick response codes on them for tracking
    • We personally convinced ourselves of the fair distribution of the donations 6x times.
    • 2 TV news was made about our work


  • 17.09.2015 – The Berlin Shipment

    In case you’ve wondered why we don’t post any news, let us assure you: It’s because we’re busy. Still working hard to reach our goals – and not only from our offices in Leipzig: This time our Berlin office worked their magic. Our beautiful Ila Vovchyck, together with an army of helpers, organized a huge […]

    By Admin | 18. September 2015

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  • 23.06.2015 – RTL TV; Ms. Melanie Mueller

    I’m a star – let me back in! : Candidate Melanie Mueller – Source: RTL Online, 23.06.2015 Ms. Mueller is an active member and supporter of the EU-ISA and uses her popularity for the institute. You’ll find the original article via this link: RTL-Online (German only).

    By EU ISA | 24. June 2015

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  • 15.06.2015 – Donations by Henkel + Gerlach

    With the postal service on strike the flood of donation packages seemed contained. But on Monday, GLS Parcel Services really picked up slack: To get all the donations to our 2nd floor offices the poor delivery guy had to go down to his car twice – thanks to Henkel+Gerlach from Stuhr, Germany. Once again we’re […]

    By EU ISA | 18. June 2015

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